Стратегическим приоритетом биофабрики является безопасность здоровья животных Украины.

Sumy Biofabrika

The State Enterprise "Sumy biological factory" - a powerful enterprise of domestic bio-industry in Ukraine. The main specialization of the company - the production of immunological, therapeutic and diagnostic products for the needs of veterinary medicine. The subordination of the company - is part of the State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service of Ukraine. For more than 80 years of history biofabrika is one of the recognized leaders in the market of Ukraine and CIS countries in terms of sales of domestic bio-products. The company has a strategic importance for the stability of the epizootic situation in livestock bio-security of the country as a whole, providing the population with high-quality food products. One of the priorities is the development of high technology, environmentally friendly, clean technologies on the basis of microbiological techniques of molecular biology and implementing complex technical solutions for the creation of clean rooms of high purity classes for aseptic production. High product quality is ensured by the implementation of the quality management system that meets the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001-2001 certified and UKRSEPRO system, which provides a guaranteed product quality and complete satisfaction of the requirements and wishes of the customer through continuous improvement of the quality management system, improve the production technology and expand the range of output products. The factory has the appropriate facilities and permission to manufacture and immuno-diagnostic products against pathogens of dangerous infections. The factory is equipped with modern freeze, refrigeration, sterilization and packing equipment of leading manufacturers in the industry's biological industry. The quality of our products is continuously monitored by the State Scientific and Control Institute of Biotechnology and strains of microorganisms with the issue of expert opinions. The competitiveness of enterprise repeatedly reaffirmed at the highest level. High technology used in production, allow to work on optimizing product mix through the development of more advanced and effective drugs, and to take a leading position in the segment of biological products in the markets of Ukraine. The factory has business contacts with scientists. Activities in scientific research aimed at creating high-quality products that stands out scientific novelty and practical value. To ensure this at the appropriate level, the team is constantly monitoring the information about the problems that arise in the production of biological products, as well as when used on farms is constantly improving their knowledge. Over the past few years mastered over 10 titles biologics. A significant part of enterprise via tenders delivered to the state. It preparations for the prevention and diagnosis of particularly dangerous infections of animals and birds viral and bacterial etiology. Biofabryka is strategically important facility for the country, and is not included in the list of companies that are subject to privatization. One of a series of tuberculin purified (PPD) for mammals in the standard solution is recognized as the national standard sample in accordance with the requirements of the international standard (PPD bovine). The factory has a wide distribution network with qualified staff, which covers the whole territory of Ukraine, constantly working on improving the quality of management, the ability to personally work in a highly competitive environment. The main purpose of the State Enterprise "Sumy biofabrika" is to provide veterinary measures aimed to preserve the maximum number of animals and birds, increasing the profitability of livestock farming country, and in the end, provision of high-quality livestock products. Biofactory team has the knowledge, experience and industrial facilities that allow you to adequately solve problems. The future of the enterprise is born today.

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